Saturday , October 20 2018


October, 2018


An Ode To Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Haiti’s Liberator

In its 2008 carnival song Defile, the group RAM, paid homage to Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Haiti’s chief liberator. “We celebrate Dessalines’ death, but we don’t celebrate Dessalines’  life. He’s the one who gave us independence but we thanked him with an assassination plot at Pont Rouge,” Lunise Morse thundered melodiously. The …

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Chinese Immigrants Suffering from Mental Illness at Risk

Sandwiched between a Buddhist temple and a Sichuan restaurant, 46 East Broadway is an inconspicuous seven-story building. The dark gray facade looks dilapidated, the narrow gate only allows one person to go through at a time, and the birdcage elevator allows at most three people to squeeze in. The Chinese Continuing …

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