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New Fuel Prices in Haiti (Official)
New Fuel Prices in Haiti (Official)

New Fuel Prices in Haiti (Official)

New Fuel Prices in Haiti (Official)

In an official notice published Sunday, signed by the Ministers of Economy and Trade, the Government announces the new prices of fuels at the pump that will come into force on Monday, May 15, 2017.

“The Ministries of Economy and Finance, of Trade and Industry notify the general public, importers, distributors and consumers of petroleum products in particular that from May 15, 2017 the price in effect on the national territory are fixed as follows :

Gazoline: 224 gdes
Gasoil: 179 gdes
Kerosene: 173 gdes

Jude Alix Patrick Salomon
Minister of Economy and Finance

Pierre Marie Du Meny
Minister of Trade and Industry”

In summary, as of Monday, the gasoline that was sold 189 gourdes per gallon increased by 35 Gourdes and is now 224 Gourdes (± 18.5%); The diesel that was sold 149 Gourdes increased by 30 Gourdes to 179 Gourdes (± 20%) and the gallon of kerosene that was sold 148 gourdes increased by 25 Gourdes to 173 Gourdes (± 17%).

No details concerning the negotiations leading to the fixing of these prices nor the accompanying measures have been communicated by the Government at this time.

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